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Road Trip Entertainment

Not sure how I’ll while away the time on the trip. I’ll be by myself a lot and I’m guessing that one guy at a campsite can only stand to fish/hike/paddle/pedal/whittle for so long. Excepting the stuff I’ll need for those four activities, here’s what I’m thinking I might take, broken down by probability:


  • Laptop
  • Kindle


  • Generator (not necessarily entertaining in itself, but would help with other entertainments)
  • Playing Cards


  • XBox 360 + TV Screen — Plus: hours and hours of solo entertainment; Minus: could get stolen and I’d have to find a secure, stable place for them to ride while the truck is in motion.
  • Baseball Mitt (and Ball) — Just not sure where/when I’d use them or with whom.
  • Frisbee/Nerf Football/Etc. — Ibid.
  • Firearms — I’m guessing I’ll be driving by some vacant canyons along the way, the kind like we don’t so much have here in SoCal.

Remote Chance

  • Rock Band Guitar — Requires the 360; might come in handy at the family reunion in Washington.
  • Nintendo DS or PSP — I don’t have either of these and wasn’t all that impressed with the PSP I borrowed, but on the other hand either would be more convenient than lugging my 360 and 24-inch screen along.

I guess that’s all I got. I suppose if I don’t take enough stuff I can always whittle myself a chess set. Not sure when, where, or with whom I’d use that, either. Meh.


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