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Chapel Beach Loop Hike, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (Day 58)

September 16th, 2009 2 comments

10.5-mile loop hike starting at the Mosquito Chapel Trailhead, about 20 miles east of Munising (where the Upper Peninsula’s purported powerhouse high school football team is located).

pictured-rocks_chapel-fallsAt which point I worried I’d chosen a bad trail. I mean, remoteness is its own reward and all, but these are parking lot-quality waterfalls at best. Unless you’re in Orange County, in which case you’d hike 40 miles straight uphill for them and be grateful for the opportunity.

pictured-rocks_chapel-rockChapel Rock and the start of my shadow-sun issues. Probably if the tree had been in full sun — except that the colors on the rock are the real-life interesting part.


pictured-rocks_chapel-beach-rocksRocks, pictured.

pictured-rocks_near-grand-portalCliff-rocks, pictured.


The so-called “Grand Portal”.

pictured-rocks_mosquito-beach-rocksRocks at Mosquito Beach.

pictured-rocks_cliffs (1)The edge of the world. Fine: *an* edge. And if you fall off, you’re in a lake, not some fiery abyss. The fiery abyss would’ve made a good photo, though.

pictured-rocks_jerkyI and My Breakfast

pictured-rocks_red-duckA red-headed step-duck starts a voyage of a thousand miles with a single foot-flap.

  • About as easy a 10+-miler as you’ll find.
  • My route took me past Chapel Falls down to the beach at Chapel Rock, then along the lakeshore past the Mosquito campground, then back to the trailhead via Mosquito Falls.
  • I regret that I didn’t add three miles to include Spray Falls in the hike. I’ll have to go back for that one. Per the pictures, it would have been the one waterfall worth visiting.
  • The photos don’t look as great as reality — it’s a north-facing lakeshore and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with shadowy cliffs above fully-lit water. (If anyone could lmk, that’d be cool.)
  • For being the warmest Saturday of the year so far, it wasn’t crowded.
  • Would probably be a fun place to do an overnighter — either two very easy days along the trail I took, or a shuttle hike along the Lakeshore Trail.
  • The water’s colder than it looks — but I *did* swim in it (not pictured).

I’d go back here again, no questions asked. All hail Lake Superior!


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