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My Brush with Klanaganda

November 15th, 2009 2 comments

When we were on the Nachez Trace Parkway and I went and hiked down to Jackson Falls, I ran into this way old guy and another dude. After the younger guy told me how cool the waterfall was, the old guy started talking to me and then handed me this brochure.

nathaniel-bedford-forrestForrest Gump’s namesake!

Their marketing efforts betray a lack of marketing savvy. Frex, I question their font choice. Italicized Fraktur? IMHO, nothing would better convey modern European racial purity like Helvetica. And you’d think they’d avoid using the term “wizard”.

Anyway.With that, in addition to all the pulled pork, country music, and universal gentility, I felt like I’d experienced the full, True South. Although I suppose I should’ve had to go through some race riots as well. Next time maybe.


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Siyeh Pass Trail-Side Conversation

August 27th, 2009 2 comments

Some Guy: (Walking up the trail, then stopping.) This is incredible.

Me: Yeah, it’s really nice up here.

Guy: There’s nothing like this where I’m from.

Me: (Guessing he’s from Minnesota.) Where you from?

Guy: Seattle.

Me: Huh.

Guy: Nothing like this in the Cascades.

Me: Really?

Guy: We don’t have any glaciers in the Cascades.

Me: I’m pretty sure you do.

Guy: Well — but they’re all spread out.

Me: Huh.

Guy: Yeah.

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