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The Entire Trip in 3 1/3 Minutes

November 29th, 2009 18 comments


ยป Want to see every day of the trip? Start here!

I put together a video of the trip. Then YouTube took it down. Now it is lost to the ether. All praise the ether!

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Random Cell Phone Photos (Day 96)

October 22nd, 2009 No comments

Spent most of Day 96 doing grad school app stuff, as well as sitting in the room trying to avoid having to do grad school app stuff. It eventually works out — at least at always has so far in my life. Heck, every day’s a roll of the dice, right? Here’s me hard at work on Day 96:

charleston_hotelSadly, my face appears to be slipping off the side of my skull.

And while I’m sure you’d be happier hearing more about *that* adventure, instead I’m throwing out a bunch of photos that have accumulated on my cell phone throughout the trip. Some of them seem more honest and/or representative than the others I end up posting here. Enjoy anyway. If you want.

sam-at-breakfastNephew Sam at breakfast. Not sure why there’s french toast cooling on the window sill.

safeco-scoreboardSafeco scoreboard, before things went wrong. The girl sitting by herself was just there to see Ichiro!, but she kept falling asleep. Ichiro!, on the other hand, remained alert and lively throughout the proceedings.

helicopter-and-chutesArmy helicopter drops its load over American Lake.

at-the-wheelI miss this haircut. Next time without the goat, probably.

spanish-creek-campgroundMy campground at Spanish Creek in Montana.

winchester-januaryHow every Winchester rifle owner spends his January.

germfaskA favorite town name, Michigan.

cars-at-ohio-hotelFancy cars at an un-fancy hotel in Ohio.

waffle-houseWaffle House, breakfast staple of the flyover state world.

aldi-interiorA European grocery store right in the middle of the Adirondacks.

squid-or-lampI chose the lamp. It was as flavorful as it was incandescent.

cab-truck-rain-nhHiding out from a rainy night in New Hampshire.

felice-in-nycFelice, who did not, in fact, take a photo.

fly-marinesAlmost Tolkien-esque, those Marine aviators.

statesville-laundromatLaundry day in Statesville (for me, not for anyone else).

statesville-barbecueI’ve become very fond of southern barbecue. (Although the coleslaw was weird.)

I also spent the morning of Day 96 trying to figure out whether I needed to buy some grown-up clothes for when I drive through Utah and potentially meet up with my grad school app adviser. And now you know everything.



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