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Outcomes of the Point Reyes Death March (Day 6)

July 22nd, 2009 1 comment

Surprisingly hot, surprisingly long. On the other hand, during the six-hour trek up and down the green, green hills of Point Reyes — none of which offered views of anything other than green, green hills — Vince and I managed to solve a lot of the world’s problems, including:

  • Improving the national transportation infrastructure.
  • Political power-seeking.
  • The publishing industry.
  • IT-Business Unit relations.
  • Everything that’s wrong with the Lord of the Rings movies.

Given another hour, we would’ve cured cancer, too. Or else died of over-exertion. We’ll never know. A couple photos just because that seems to be what I do with these posts.

point_reyes_hiking_vince_brianIn retrospect, I probably should’ve thought more about the location of the sun prior to handing the guy my camera. Oh well: Vince, me.

view of point reyesThis was the best view of the whole 11-mile hike. Unfortunately, this was not a shady location, so we didn’t stick around long.

And with that, I’m only one full four-day location behind…


More Photos from SF

July 21st, 2009 1 comment

I’m three four days in arrears, but feel I’m coping well personally (although I’ve been told that these entries aren’t mean enough — I’ll work on it). Anyway, just a few more photos in case you can’t get enough SF photos.


Some bridge, fogged in.

sf_alcatraz_from_presidio_hillView of Alcatraz from (near) the top of Presidio Hill. I’m not sure how to make this caption snarkier. Suggestions?

sf_flower_presidio_hillYou know, one of the reasons why these posts may lack any “edge” is that I’m usually posting in a race against time, trying to finish before my laptop battery or wireless batter run out. (This is a flower.)

Fort Madison Port of Embarkation in San Francisco

Fort Mason, the Port of Embarkation for US Army troops heading to the Pacific during World War II. SF really ought to get that Liberty Ship parked here instead of down the way. And they should probably put a little more signage up around here instead of leaving that up to the various acting troupes that apparently inhabit it now.

In South Lake Tahoe now. Maybe I’ll catch up while I’m here.


Note: This was started while eating in Carl’s Jr. in Oakhurst, Calif., 15 miles (= 35 min.) from my campsite, but not completed at that time due to my wireless running out of battery.

17-Mile Drive, Carmel Mission, and Monterey (Day 4)

July 16th, 2009 3 comments

This was yesterday.

Drove out of Big Sur. Relieved to get cell reception. Relieved at gas prices below $3.70. Turned left onto 17-Mile Drive, which is mostly like a lightly-trafficked tour through beachside golf courses and houses. Continued for 17 miles. Exited. Went to the Carmel mission (that has a fancier name than that). Saw Junipero Serra’s grave. Exited. Drove through the maze of Carmel streets. Found Hwy. 1, went north. Stopped in Monterey. Parked in a garage. Walked to waterfront. It’s like a small-scale San Francisco (IMHO). Ate lunch. Walked to Cannery Row. No canneries in operation. Walked back to car. Pried bike out of back of cab. Re-attached front wheel. Tightened trip computer magnet. Changed into bike shorts. Rode up and down bike path from Pacific Grove to Seaside and back. Re-deposited bike in back of truck. Changed out of bike shorts. Went back to waterfront to verify. Still there. Returned to car. Packed an overnight bag. Drove up Hwy. 1 to the 101. Dropped in on friends in Sunnyvale. Ate dinner (very Italian, very awesome). Observed baby. Took walk toward downtown Sunnyvale. Returned. Showered (very nice). Went to bed.

big_sur_north_coastlineOne last look at Big Sur coastline. It was a foggy send-off, so I missed the lighthouse and the bridges. Next time.

17-mile_drive_carmelThere was some golf course right next to this spot, but it seemed only moderately famous.


Carmel mission courtyard with tower, crosses, and fountain.

The mission in Carmel(-by-the-Sea). Would probably be good to take the second pic again on a blue-sky day. And a day when I wasn’t so antsy to get going that I didn’t play with the composition. Ah well: regret is sweet.

monterey_fishermans_wharf_pierFisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, boasting the highest concentration of free clam chowder samples of any location in the lower 48.

Next up: SF and praying my car doesn’t get broken into…!


Photos of Big Sur Shoreline (Day 2)

July 13th, 2009 Comments off

Haven’t been to the “good half” of Big Sur yet. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. The bad half is pretty cool, though.

big_sur_jade_cove_viewHighway 1 and the shoreline just south of Jade Cove.

big_sur_near_plaskett_creekTrail heading down toward the beach, also around Jade Cove.

big_sur_elephant_sealsBecause (I hear) some people consider seals photo-worthy. They just lay there, occasionally throwing sand on themselves. And if any of them were dead, I’m not sure how anyone would have known. Such indolence may cost them dearly when the killer whales come.

A big day like this deserves an evening encounter with the Jet-Boil. Maybe it’s time to break out the pouched chicken.


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